• affective encounters in public spaces

    a skype chat between
    Lía La Novia (Mexico City) & Karin Michalski (Berlin)

    Lía and I met in Berlin for a workshop on art education and queer politics and we were starting a conversation about queer artistic and political strategies. "Queer friendliness” or as we called it  "radical friendliness" and "radical openness" seemed to be interesting strategies to make space for the negotiation of often not so positive and even violent feelings and affects towards people who don’t meet common norms of bodies, sexuality and gender in public situations.

    Lía La Novia is currently completing a master's degree in visual arts at the Academy of San Carlos (UNAM). Her interests have focused on making her own gender transition a festive and intimate pedagogy, shared / continued-affective encounters and lovely communications as political action/ a proposal that starts from her own body. Her current project responds to these and more questions: What emotions are ‚built’ when gender transition is shared? How can a political project include trans celebration?
    She has presented her work at Trans Barcelona, „El Palomar-BCN“ and Bethanien, Berlin. She has collaborated with the University Collective Sexual Diversity (CUDS Chile) as well as Extra, International Performance Festival organized by artist Pancho Lopez, Mexico.

    please find the chat here: DOWNLOAD PDF(0,1 MB)

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