• Kunsthalle Osnabrück – Ausstellung „Barrierefreiheit“/ „Accessibility“, 2021/22
    „An Unhappy Archive Part II“/Art as Connection, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, 2021/22
    District Berlin, On Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective Health, 2021
    Quadriennale di Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rom, 2020
    Brokenness, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, 2020
    Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA), Riga, 2020
    D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, 2018
    AMOQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts), Athens, 2018
    Schwules Museum, Berlin, 2018
    Mic Drop, Performance Festival & Exhibition, Innsbruck, 2017
    svilova, online exhibition, 2015
    Get Well Soon!, freiLand - Kulturzentrum, Potsdam, 2015
    Counterparts, Gothenburg, 2014
    Words Needed, Umeå (European Capital of Culture), 2014
    Chewing Reality, Olten, 2014
    “The Alphabet of Feeling Bad“ & “An Unhappy Archive“ (in collaboration with Sabian Baumann & Dafne Boggeri), Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, 2014
    Power & Play, Brussels, 2014
    Visualizing Affect, Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2013
    “The Alphabet of Feeling Bad“ & “An Unhappy Archive“ (in collaboration with Andrea Thal, Sabian Baumann & Dafne Boggeri), Les Complices*, Zurich, 2013
    “Tender Buttons", Galerie September, Berlin, 2012
    “A Burnt-Out Case?", neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin, 2012
    Untold Stories. Queer and the Political, Tallinn Art Hall 2011
    Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, 2011
    Not Gay as in Happy but Queer as in Fuck You!“, Goloss, Copenhagen, 2010
    /unvermittelt, nGbK, Berlin, 2009
    FRAME_in, Vienna, 2009
    Queer scapes, Perla Mode, Zurich, 2009
    Radarsete, Rio de Janeiro, 2008
    Skype Meetings - Work to do!, Shedhalle Zurich, 2008
    “MAKE OUT!“, Studio 44, Stockholm, 2008
    “Zu Hause - zu Gast“, Kunstraum Lodypop, Basel 2008
    UnionDocs, Brooklyn, New York, 2007
    Tranformer, Biel, 2007
    `reel to real“, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt/Main, 2007
    thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen, 2006
    normal work, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2006
    “Die Purpurrose - Forgotten issues, hidden verities“, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
    Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, Toru, 2006
    ART Basel, Art Unlimited, 2006
    “EXOTIK DES REALEN“, Kunsthalle Zurich, 2005
    “Missbrauch, Bilder davon“, IG Bildende Kunst/Topkino, Vienna, 2006
    “Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation/International Project for Low and High Technics in Contemporary Media Art“, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv 2005
    SOHO meets “the everday unusual“, Vienna, 2005
    “Citizen Queer“ - Shedhalle, Zurich 2004
    Komische Oper Berlin, Berlin 2004
    “Gelebte Bedingungen“, Kaskadenkondensator, Werkraum Warteck, Basel 2004
    “Identity is the crisis - can“t you see?“, Hebbel-Theater, Berlin 2004

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